How It works

Because of the ready availability of commuter lots in the area many of the vanpools have a common pick up spot in the morning where all the passengers can park and board the van. The riders agree to meet at a pre-designated time and location each morning.  Some vanpools have multiple pick-up points if they are on the route to the work location(s).  The driving responsibility usually is done in one of two ways.  Either one of the vanpool members agree to be a primary driver with at least one more volunteering to be a backup driver, or several riders agree to share driving responsibilities equally.  The owner provides a gas card and the driver ensures the van has sufficient gas.

The owner of the vanpool is responsible for making sure the van is maintained in good safe running condition, and all required inspections and registrations are current.  He is also responsible for providing a backup van in case the van becomes unavailable for any reason.    The passengers pay a low monthly fare.  Government employees and many private sector employees are eligible for a transit subsidy so the rider usually pays nothing.  Click on your employers link below for more info and how to apply for the subsidy.

Federal Agencies:  SmartBenefits

DoD:  NCR Transit Subsidy

Other Employers in the National Capital Region: SmartBenefits



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