The Benefits of Vanpooling with EZcommute

Super Value --

Save $$$ on gas and maintenance.

Easy-on-the-pocket fares.

Receive subsidy reducing your out-of-pocket expense.*

Less wear and mileage on your auto.

Discount on personal auto insurance.

Quality of Life --

Reduced stress from not having to drive in traffic.

Sleep on the ride and arrive at work refreshed.

Get home earlier to spend more time with family.

No worries about breaking down on highway.

Convenience --

A reserved seat.

Reduce your commute time by taking HOV lanes.

Picks you up at nearby park and ride lots.

Drops you off at entrance to your work.

Flexibility --

Guaranteed ride home through commuter connections.

Switch to other EZcommute vanpools when you need to leave at different times.**

Environment Friendly --

Reduce congestion.

Improve air quality.

Conserve energy.

* Available to all government employees and employees of participating businesses.

** Contingent on seating availability.